The "EC" prefix, as a moulding pattern identifier, is the trusted symbol of high quality and consistent shapes within the millwork industry. The "EC" prefix was developed by EastCoast Mouldings as a way to create consistent standards and efficiency for modern mass production, while maintaining the highest quality.

Each profile is crafted with precision and the latest digital technology to be architecturally correct. This assures that each profile is recreated with quality, consistency and exact detail, allowing profiles to accurately match in the future for homeowners to easily repair or remodel the moulding profiles in a home.

More than 1,000 different moulding profiles are offered by EastCoast Mouldings.

The customer confidence in the EC prefix for mouldings has been expanded to our category of boards and pattern stock. EastCoast Mouldings is very particular in specifying the grade, profile, and machining requirements of our newest product category. More than 400 board and pattern items are available in over 15 species.